Bill Bennett Interview with Charles Koch

April 8, 2016

min read

Segment 1: Charles explains how the principles and ethics that made Koch Industries one of America’s most highly-valued companies can be applied to culture and society in order to help people improve their lives.

Segment 2: Charles explains how his parents helped instill in him at a young age a strong work ethic, perseverance and an attitude of service, which helped him throughout life.

Segment 3: Charles and Bill discuss education in America today and the importance of learning in general.

Segment 4: Charles and Bill discuss the importance of skilled labor and technical education for America’s future workforce.

Segment 5: Charles explains why he agrees with U.S. Senator and 2016 Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders on a handful of important issues.

Segment 6: Charles explains why Koch Industries actively promotes the principles of a free and open society.

Segment 7: Charles and Bill discuss if creative destruction’s main criticism – that it’s heartless and cruel – is true.

Segment 8: Charles discusses his Wall Street Journal op-ed penned with NYC Michael Bloomberg and the importance of free speech on campus and throughout society.

Segment 9: Charles and Bill discuss what the future of America looks like if we don’t turn things around quickly and embrace a free and open society.

Segment 10: Charles explains how the requirement of getting an occupational license is crushing today’s job market.

Segment 11: Charles explains what he means by saying that America is becoming a two-tiered society and what we can do to stop it.

Segment 12: Charles offers his brief take on the 2016 campaign season and America’s future.

Segment 13: Charles and Bill discuss some of the positive and encouraging developments in America today, including the sharing economy.

Segment 14: Charles explains Koch companies’ approach to innovation.