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2013 Jobs and Economic Impact Study

June 30, 2014

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In 2013, Koch companies in the United States directly employed about 60,000 people throughout 49 states and the District of Columbia, paying compensation and benefits totaling nearly $4.8 billion according to a recent study by Harrah Analytics, an independent economic research firm.

Among the Koch companies included in the analysis are Wichita-based Koch Industries, Inc., Flint Hills Resources and INVISTA; Atlanta-based Georgia-Pacific; and Lisle, Illinois-based Molex Incorporated. The analysis does not include the more than 3,200 open roles within Koch companies, the nearly 7,000 contractors who work for Koch companies in the U.S., or the 10,000 additional U.S.-based employees in companies affiliated with Koch.

Koch companies also buy goods and services from local businesses, and their employees spend paychecks for food, shelter, entertainment and more. This combined spending translates to Koch companies supporting a total of more than 200,000 jobs and earnings of about $11.8 billion, Harrah Analytics determined in its study.

The top 10 states in terms of jobs are:


  Direct jobs Indirect and induced jobs Total jobs*
Texas 7,289 26,758 34,047
Georgia 6,899 19,839 26,738
Arkansas 3,383 5,249 8,632
Kansas 3,256 3,537 6,793
Wisconsin 2,975 7,524 10,499
Alabama 2,646 9,931 12,577
South Carolina 2,300 5,888 8,188
Florida 2,199 6,500 8,699
Louisiana 2,149 6,456 8,605
Oklahoma 2,027 4,615 6,642

* Summing the direct, indirect and induced impacts

The top 10 states in terms of compensation and benefits are:

  Direct compensation and benefits (in millions) Indirect and induced compensation and benefits (in millions) Total compensation and benefits (in millions)**
Georgia $733 $1,046 $1,779
Texas $663 $1,357 $2,020
Kansas $410 $242 $652
Alabama $239 $444 $683
Wisconsin $238 $335 $5573
Arkansas $236 $255 $491
Illinois $191 $287 $478
Oregon $168 $327 $495
Louisiana $162 $260 $422
Oklahoma $159 $212 $371

* Summing the direct, indirect and induced impacts

Koch companies historically reinvest 90 percent or more of their earnings back into the businesses so they continue growing and providing products and services that people depend on every day.

To determine the impact of jobs, compensation and benefits by Koch companies, Harrah Analytics began with direct U.S.-based employment and earnings numbers for Koch companies, using data supplied by Koch companies. The employment and earnings at each facility were assigned a Bureau of Economic Analysis industry code. These were multiplied by the industry direct effects multipliers, obtained from the U.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of Economic Analysis, RIMS II (Regional Industrial Multiplier System) the standard measurement system in federal impact analyses.

The complete study is located here.