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KOCH INVESTS: Koch Backs Celestial AI's Work to Accelerate AI and Machine Learning

February 10, 2022

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Koch Disruptive Technologies (KDT) has partnered with Temasek’s Xora Innovation fund, The Engine, Tyche Partners, M-Ventures, IMEC XPAND and Fitz Gate to lead a $56 million Series A funding round in Celestial AI, an AI-accelerator company working on proprietary hardware and software platforms for machine learning chipsets.

WHY IT MATTERS: Celestial AI’s Photonic Fabric™ technology platform uses light to move data both within and between chips. This greatly reduces the time and energy required to move data. Saving power in data movement frees up power to use in computing, enabling advancements in AI workloads.

THE BIG PICTURE: “We are addressing the problem of our time in computing -- efficient data movement,” said Celestial AI founder and CEO David Lazovsky. “The machine learning application benefits extend beyond performance and low power to latency, user-friendly software and low total cost of ownership.”

KDT’s investment in Celestial AI is its fourth investment in the semiconductor value chain. Verified Market Research predicts the global market for AI chips could be worth $109.83 billion by 2028.

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THE BOTTOM LINE: Chips and server systems are limited by power budget. Celestial AI Photonic Fabric allows for a redistribution of that fixed power budget from data movement to compute, providing sustainable and expanding performance advantages over all electronic-only solutions.

“It was Celestial AI’s software advantages that ultimately drove our decision to lead this financing,” said Isaac Sigron, managing director of KDT and Celestial AI board member. “Their system architecture enables unparalleled software simplicity, which translates to ease of use for customers and reduced time to market. Software is the pathway to revenue, and Celestial AI’s solution changes the game in this large and rapidly expanding market.”