KOCH INVESTS: Building a Conflict-Free Electric Vehicle ‘Super Cell’

July 18, 2022

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Koch Strategic Platforms is leading a $90 million Series D investment round in Wildcat Discovery Technologies, a company using its own high throughput methods to rapidly develop new battery materials – all in pursuit of a “super cell” for electric vehicles (EV), combining three emerging technologies, including a cobalt- and nickel-free high energy cathode, a composite solid-state electrolyte and a lithium metal anode.

WHY IT MATTERS: Not only is the next-gen cell targeting more than a 90% improvement in energy density over today’s top batteries, but its components are also all being developed with conflict-free minerals (removing cobalt and nickel from the manufacturing process), improving supply chain transparency and visibility.

WHY KOCH INVESTED: This is Koch’s second investment in Wildcat in recent years, part of nearly $1.9 billion in energy transformation investments over the last two years, says KSP Managing Director Jeremy Bezdek. “Wildcat is a visionary company, focusing on transformative solutions to the issues limiting the lithium-ion battery market.”

  • The funding round will be used to support the rapid development and commercialization of the battery cell – adding staff, research capacity, and scaling up capabilities with the goal of having the “super cell” ready for commercialization discussions in two years. Other investors in the round include Eastman Kodak and Fifth Wall Climate.

WHAT THEY’RE SAYING: “As a real-world laboratory for multiple industries, Koch is an ideal partner to help us develop the next generation of EV batteries,” says Wildcat CEO Mark Gresser. “We’re glad to partner with them once again as we work to bring a breakthrough product to market.”

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