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Koch Contributes $1.85 Million to Humanitarian Response in Ukraine

March 28, 2022

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In response to the crisis in Ukraine, Koch Industries is providing $1.85 million in general support and employee assistance to humanitarian and refugee organizations in the region.

Teams across Koch companies have been working to ensure our support is distributed to ​organizations that can best provide direct, on-the-ground relief to refugees. 

Organizations receiving support from Koch Industries include:

  • Polish Humanitarian Action ($600,000) to provide medical assistance, shelter, food, hygiene kits, blankets and other necessities.
  • World Central Kitchen ($300,000) to leverage local resources to deploy food to first responders and serve those who need it most with hope and dignity.
  • International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies ($300,000) to connect relief efforts in the world’s largest humanitarian network.
  • UNHCR ($300,000) to ensure refugees have the right to seek asylum and find refuge in another country.
  • Koch Employee Assistance Fund ($350,000) to provide immediate financial aid to affected employees and contract employees. In addition, Koch employees have voluntarily contributed $55,000 to the fund to help their fellow employees.

Several Koch company employees in the region are actively providing clothing, shelter, and food support to refugees, particularly for women and children who are coming across the border from Ukraine. We commend these employees for their generosity and courage during such a difficult time.

We remain united in our support for all affected employees, their families and colleagues.