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Charles Koch Talks Discovering Gifts, Helping Others Find Theirs

Chairman and CEO Charles Koch shares lessons from life, business and philanthropy with Scott Barry Kaufman in a new episode of ‘The Psychology Podcast’

March 10, 2022

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Everyone has a gift – a unique strength that when discovered can help transform the lives of individuals and those around them.

That’s why the top job of every supervisor across Koch is helping employees become more self-actualized in their roles, Chairman and CEO Charles Koch says in a new interview with Scott Barry Kaufman on “The Psychology Podcast.”

As Charles discussed previously with Joe Lonsdale, Koch companies use technology to empower employees and help make their jobs more fulfilling.

In this interview, Charles shared the story of Pedro Osornio, a former housekeeping employee on the nightshift at Koch headquarters who turned his thirst for knowledge and passion for engineering into a full-time job programming laser-cutting machines at Koch-Glitsch.

“That’s why I say we don't hire on credentials, we hire on values and talent. And that is being contribution motivated,” Charles says, adding that if an individual has “got some talent that will help us create value, then we want you here.”

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