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Shifting Gears with Ryan Newman Episode 2: Using Technology to Your Advantage

In this second episode of Shifting Gears, Ryan Newman – sponsored driver of the Koch Industries No. 6 car – explains how technology helps create a competitive advantage on the racetrack

January 21, 2021

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One of Koch’s Guiding Principles is to “acquire the best knowledge from any and all sources that will enable you to improve your performance.” To stay at the front of the pack, Koch-sponsored driver Ryan Newman has made it his responsibility to find new ways of applying technology to his advantage.

In this second episode of “Shifting Gears,” Ryan talks about the competitive advantages technology creates for drivers, how that’s just as relevant for individuals and businesses, and how he relies on others applying technology to the best of their abilities for the success of the team.

“The key, I think, is to go back and look at your strongest asset, and that’s always people,” says Ryan. “Without good people, you can’t drive that technology. And I believe that will always be key in every organization, no matter where our technology goes.”

Today, he sees it as part of his job to utilize all of the tools at his disposal, from simulators to wind tunnels and vehicle dynamic studies, that make the No. 6 car that much better for a long run. And now, he’s able to measure things on his car down to a level of precision that wouldn’t have been possible just 15 years ago.

“You have to always be open-minded about technology and ways that you can use it to your advantage to create that competitive advantage,” he adds. “You cannot become complacent in anything you do when it comes to performance.”


Episode 2: Using Technology to Your Advantage. How racing pro Ryan Newman applies technology to his benefit on the race track. 


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