Ricky Kidd Koch Pro Bono Targets Exonerating the Wrongfully Convicted

May 19, 2021

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Ricky Kidd spent 23 years and three months in prison after being wrongfully convicted of a double homicide.

He was exonerated in 2019 with help from the Midwest Innocence Project, which has since partnered with Koch’s growing pro bono initiative to screen cases of others who have also been wrongfully convicted.

Ricky recently shared his story in a presentation to Koch employees in Wichita, Kansas, encouraging them to join the effort as case screeners. Koch already has more MIP case screen volunteers than any other business and is encourging more employees to get involved, an opportunity open to lawyers and non-lawyers alike.

The Wichita Business Journal reports that Koch “whose CEO, Charles Koch, has long advocated for criminal justice reform — is putting out a call for help that is bringing more people to a problem that Kidd said can only be solved people putting in the time.”

“It’s huge,” Ricky said. “Not just (a company) as big as Koch, but as important as Koch.” 

“It’s not just papers,” Matt Ellis, who leads Koch’s pro bono initiative, told the Wichita Business Journal following Kidd’s presentation. “These are real people. They have families, they have hopes and dreams.” 


Read more about Koch’s pro bono initiative here.