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Why Charles Koch thinks the best solutions start local

August 13, 2019

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There is no quick and easy fix for any issue in society — and often the best solutions come from those closest to the problem. That’s the message from Charles Koch, chairman and CEO of Koch Industries and founder of Stand Together, along with Brian Hooks, the organization’s chairman and CEO, in a new op-ed in The Washington Post.

While political action and policies such as last year’s historic federal criminal justice reform legislation will undoubtedly help empower thousands of individuals and communities across the United States, it is from all individuals and communities that the next solutions must come.

“Those leaving prison also need businesses willing to hire them, education that can teach them the values and skills they need to succeed, and communities that are prepared to welcome them back and help them contribute. To ensure that these things happen, people across the country must become engaged well beyond politics and public policy,” they write.

From alleviating poverty to improving education and health care, the most comprehensive and effective solutions come from people across all walks of life — not from top-down policies.

“These efforts can unite people from diverse backgrounds, and they deserve more attention and support,” they write.

Read the full op-ed here in The Washington Post.