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Koch CFO Steve Feilmeier talks investment, profit, and creating value for society

February 21, 2019

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As Koch’s recent diverse investments into 3D printing, data analytics, and cloud computing suggest, the company is looking for investments that can bring key business capabilities as well as a healthy return on investment.

While some companies may say they are being strategic with acquisitions, they often do not earn a return for their shareholders, Koch Industries CFO Steve Feilmeier told attendees at a Startup Grind Wichita event. Noting that not every deal will work, and even those that do often take longer than initially expected, Feilmeier said that Koch looks for opportunities to be successful through principled entrpreneurship and looking for mutual benefit in the deals it structures.

“The reality is that profit is just a market signal telling you that you’re creating value for society,” Feilmeier said.

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