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Q&A with Sheryl Corrigan: How next-gen tech enables operational excellence

August 13, 2019

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What do artificial intelligence, robotic process automation, and machine learning have to do with improving operational excellence at Koch? As it turns out, quite a bit – and employees across Koch companies are driving the transformation daily.

As Sheryl Corrigan, Director of Environment, Health & Safety at Koch Industries, explained in a recent interview ahead of the 10th Annual Operational Excellence in Oil & Gas Summit, Koch companies are using data and analytics to improve response times and create the next generation of leak detection technology.

“Our team wanted to make this job safer, more effective, and more predictive,” Corrigan said of the effort to develop next-generation leak detection technology in partnership with the Environmental Protection Agency.

Flint Hills Resources and Molex, both Koch companies, partnered with the EPA to install sensors in a processing unit to detect potential leaks. The partnership, Corrigan said, was driven by the principle of organizational transformation.

“The environmental team thought and then acted on an idea: there has to be a better way to do this,” Corrigan said. “Employees realized they didn’t have the capability they needed to solve the problem themselves, so they found partners who had the same vision and drivers to create something valuable for us and for society.”

Corrigan will join more than 300 industry thought leaders and heads of operations at the annual event in Houston from Nov. 4-6. For more details on how this new technology and other technological advances might improve operations across Koch companies, read the full interview here.