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Inside Koch’s “game-changer” at EFT Analytics

March 22, 2019

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What if operations experts in the field didn't have to wait for a data scientist to provide complex analysis to optimize their performance? With EFT Analytics, Koch Industries is taking the next step toward improving how companies across industries — including our own — can do just that.

“It’s not bringing data scientists to the table, but tools that bring data science to the operators with expertise in the field,” EFT Analytics CEO Brent Youngers told the Wichita Business Journal in a recent article, which notes that the company is being "touted as an industrial game-changer."

In the three years since Koch acquired EFT, the company has grown from 16 people/employees to nearly 100, and has dozens of projects in process both inside Koch, and with external customers. With this increased knowledge and capability, EFT can help its customers leverage massive amounts of data to help them make decisions faster — and smarter.