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Charles Koch: Focus on problems, not politics

September 20, 2019

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When it comes to solving the complex problems that hold people back in the United States, identifying and reaching out to potential partners across the ideological spectrum is preferable to the traditional political approach.

“That’s not naïve,” wrote Charles Koch, chairman and CEO of Koch Industries and founder of the philanthropic community Stand Together, in Politico Magazine’s “How to Fix Politics in America” interactive feature, which asked some of the country’s most prominent thought leaders for their ideas.

Rather, he wrote “it’s how almost all the big, lasting changes have been achieved in our country’s history.” Last year’s First Step Act, passed on a bipartisan basis in the Senate, is “a model for progress,” he said.

As Koch wrote last month with Stand Together Chairman and CEO Brian Hooks in The Washington Post, such efforts “can unite people from diverse backgrounds, and they deserve more attention and support.”

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