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Koch Disruptive Technologies' Jason Illian to discuss investing in Al at VentureBeat's Blueprint event

September 7, 2018

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Jason Illian, managing director of Koch Disruptive Technologies, is one of the speakers who will be appearing at VentureBeat’s upcoming Blueprint conference in York, Pennsylvania on October 9-11. At the event, speakers including Illian will discuss how both private companies and Heartland cities can prepare to capitalize on advancements in automation and AI.

Koch Disruptive Technologies is a subsidiary of the 70-year-old Koch Industries. Though Koch Industries is most well known for its oil and gas and manufacturing subsidiaries, KDT isn’t looking to invest exclusively in those industries. Since the fund started operating in November, KDT has invested in two companies: medical device company Insightec, which develops MRI-guided ultrasounds for surgery, and Mesosphere, which develops a hybrid cloud platform that helps companies automate operations for container, data engineering, and machine learning tools.

Ahead of the event, VentureBeat spoke with Illian about what KDT is looking for its investments, and what potential he sees in the fields of AI and robotics in particular.