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Koch’s Mark Holden backs ‘redemptive’ criminal justice reform on C-SPAN

May 29, 2018

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As the employer of more than 70,000 in the United States and 120,000 around the world, Koch Industries is continuously focused on helping people improve their lives, General Counsel and Senior Vice President Mark Holden told C-SPAN’s Washington Journal during a discussion around the company’s support of criminal justice reform.

 Koch’s vision is “based on equal rights and also on a society of mutual benefit where people succeed by helping others succeed,” Holden said. The goal of any reform, he added, is to foster a “more redemptive … restorative and rehabilitative approach” so that people come out of the criminal justice system better than when they entered.

 “Our system should be blind. It should be about justice for all, and it doesn’t happen that way,” Holden told viewers. Watch the full segment here.