INVISTA Launches New Novadyn™ Transparent Polyamides

INVISTA Launches New Novadyn™ Transparent Polyamides

March 16, 2015

INVISTA has launched Novadyn™ polyamides – transparent polymers that can also be used as differentiated blend additives to improve traditional nylon performance. Novadyn™ polyamides are highly versatile semi-aromatic polyamides with a unique combination of performance, cost effectiveness and recycled content.

Novadyn™ DT/DI polyamide brings value to customers who require parts that are both transparent and chemically-resistant.

“We designed Novadyn™ DT/DI polyamide for transparent applications where polycarbonate struggles with chemical resistance or where more costly transparent polymers may be over-specified,” said Allen Reihman, director of new business development for INVISTA.

As a blend additive for traditional nylons, Novadyn™ DT/DI polyamide significantly improves conditioned mechanical properties for nylon 6,6 and nylon 6, including up to 43 percent improvement in conditioned flexural strength and stiffness.

“The nylon world is not ‘dry as molded,’” said Reihman. “In humid environments, Novadyn™ polyamides can boost traditional nylon properties, enable thinner parts and enhance light-weighting initiatives.”

INVISTA is showcasing Novadyn™ polyamides at the NPE International Plastics Showcase (booth S12095) March 23-27 in Orlando, Florida.

Novadyn™ DT/DI and Novadyn™ DT polyamides can also be used to modify crystallinity, boost glass transition temperature and reduce costs. These products can be considered for molding, film, filament and fiber processing applications. Novadyn™ polyamides can be used in a variety of applications including automotive, electrical, industrial and consumer products. To learn more, visit Request samples at