Dixie Launches 'Dark for Dinner' Movement Encouraging Consumers to Unplug and Connect

June 10, 2015

Dixie(R), a Georgia-Pacific brand and the leader in disposable tableware and other conveniences for busy families, today announced the creation of a social movement called "Dark for Dinner." The movement, which launches on June 14 and will take place every Sunday for six weeks, is designed to encourage families to focus on the present and to "Be More Here."
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Dixie is asking families to remove all distractions, including electronic devices, from their dinner experience, and then share what they learned from going "Dark for Dinner" via social media using the hashtag, #DarkforDinner.
The movement will be supported by a national television ad campaign slated to begin airing June 10. The thirty-second national TV spot features four real groups of families and friends who agreed to put their phones away for the night and get deep with each other over dinner. Check it out here -- Dark For Dinner.
"It's no secret that our lives are full of distractions, responsibilities and demands for time and attention," said Andrew Noble, senior brand director Dixie Consumer Products. "As a result of this hectic lifestyle we forget to focus on the here and now. We saw an opportunity to be the antidotes to life's distractions by encouraging our consumers to be more present during moments that matter most and spend more meaningful time together, especially during dinner."
In order to drive positive, educational conversations surrounding "Dark for Dinner" and to provide consumers with expert insights and tips, Dixie has joined forces with Dr. Michele Borba, an internationally recognized parenting and family expert, educator, author and speaker. Dr. Borba has published 22 books on parenting, character-building and bullying prevention. Dr. Borba joined the Dark for Dinner movement because she believes in the benefits of families gathering around the dinner table, and the advantages of unplugging during dinner.
"As you can imagine, I'm extremely passionate about the need for more quality family time over dinner," said Dr. Borba. "I'm supporting the Dixie Dark for Dinner movement by asking families to make sure work calls, social media and other distractions are paused during dinner, so they can enjoy great conversation and family time."
To further support the campaign, Dixie commissioned a national survey to uncover consumer insights on current attitudes and behaviors around the use of devices and other distractions during family dinnertime. The survey showed:
   -- The top distraction among families during dinnertime is getting telephone
      calls, followed by emails, text messages and having the television on in
      the same room.
   -- 25 percent of participants said their family has a total ban on
      electronic devices during dinner together.
   -- Two in ten said they eat dinner as a family, without distractions, less
      than twice a month.
   -- 70 percent said adults are the worst offenders when it comes to being
      distracted at the dinner table.
Families can participate in the "Dark for Dinner" movement by following these three simple steps:
   1. Turn your social feeds "dark" -- that means take a break from scrolling
      through your newsfeed or sharing on any social network -- to let everyone
      know you're disconnecting for a while.
   2. Put away your devices -- that means in a drawer, in another room, under a
      boulder, I don't care where, but you may not bring it to dinner -- and
      enjoy the time with your friends and family.
   3. Go back online and share a moment from your Dark for Dinner experience
      using the hashtag Dark for Dinner and encourage others to join in on the
      fun every Sunday, starting June 14.
Please visit darkfordinner.com for more information.
Survey Methodology
Dixie commissioned Market Probe International to conduct an online survey of 1,500 adults and 500 teens to uncover attitudes and behaviors around the use of devices and other distractions during family dinnertime.
Sample specifications
   -- 1500 Adults: based on a national representation of respondents age 18+
      who state they live with at least one other person they consider to be a
      part of their family
   -- 500 Teens: based on a national representation of respondents age 13-17
      who state they live with at least one other person they consider to be a
      part of their family
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