Koch Supply & Trading Named Natural Gas House of the Year by Energy Risk

Koch Supply & Trading Named Natural Gas House of the Year by Energy Risk

June 30, 2014

Koch Supply & Trading’s global gas business received the 2014 Natural Gas House of the Year award from Energy Risk magazine at a ceremony in London on June 11.

In the magazine’s profile about Koch Supply & Trading, Energy Risk said, “KS&T has become a truly global player in gas. The Geneva-based EMEA business now has about 60 counterparties, up from zero less than three years ago, and is active in 15 countries, from the North Sea to the Mediterranean. Counterparties say KS&T’s experience makes it a solid trading partner.”

In 2012, Koch Supply & Trading companies began building pan-European natural gas and global liquefied natural gas business lines. In its first two years of operations KS&T secured access to major markets and key trading counterparties in Europe and is now recognised as a leading player in structured trading and origination.

“We focus on a core strategy of channeling volatility and optionality across the value chain to add value in the market,” said Carl Hagert, Geneva-based Head of Marketing and Upstream for Koch Supply & Trading’s EMEA natural gas business. “As a new entrant to the gas market in Europe, we are honored to receive this award.” KochSupply-TradingNamedNaturalGasHouseoftheYearByEnergyRisk.jpg

Left to right: Carl Hagert, Maryna Romanenko, Peter Leoni, Erin Abercrombie and Michiel Prins.

“I’m very proud of our employees who have made this award possible,” said Stephen Cornish, Director, Global Gas and LNG business. “As a natural market participant, we believe our industrial portfolio, extensive physical trading experience, global reach and exceptional credit worthiness help us contribute to the market. We thank our suppliers, customers and counterparties for the excellent relationships that have made this achievement possible in such a short space of time. We believe our capabilities will continue to help KS&T make a significant contribution to the European gas markets.”

KS&T’s European natural gas business is headquartered in Geneva with teams based in Amsterdam and Dusseldorf. The global LNG business includes portfolio trading and marketing from offices in London, Dubai, Houston, Rio de Janeiro and Singapore. Additional marketing support locations in the Far East are planned as part of future growth initiatives.