Koch Supply & Trading Expands EMEA Nat Gas Coverage

Koch Supply & Trading Expands EMEA Nat Gas Coverage

December 3, 2012

Koch Supply & Trading Sàrl, which announced in February plans to ramp up its natural gas and liquefied natural gas business footprint, is now covering the U.K. natural balancing point, as well as the French Points d’ Echange Gaz trading zones across the GRTGaz and TIGF grids.

In addition, the company is now active on the Zeebrugge Beach & Zeebrugge Trading Point with Fluxys in Belgium; the Title Transfer Facility with Gas Transport Services, the national transmission operator in the Netherlands; NetConnect Germany and GasPool for H-Cal and L-Cal gases in Germany; and the Central European Gas Hub Gmbh and ITAB in Austria.

As part of the business services expansion, Koch Supply & Trading Sarl has begun trading natural gas on these exchanges: ICE, EEX, APX-Endex, Powernext and APX UK.

The company plans to further build out the capability by adding trading and marketing into Italy, Spain, Denmark, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Poland.

Koch Supply & Trading is building a Europe-wide natural gas business from Geneva and an LNG trading business from offices in Houston, London and Singapore.

About Koch Supply & Trading

Koch Supply & Trading companies have traders or originators in Wichita, Houston, New York, London, Geneva, Mumbai and Singapore, and move products through hubs, ports and terminals in the United States, Europe, Singapore and the Middle East. More information is available at www.ksandt.com.