Koch Pipeline Company, L.P. Employees Complete Year With No Safety Incidents

Koch Pipeline Company, L.P. Employees Complete Year With No Safety Incidents

January 4, 2011

Koch Pipeline Company, L.P. employees worked all of 2010 with no minor or significant injuries.

“No award or accolade can fully highlight the dedication to safety and the focus on ensuring that every Koch Pipeline employee goes home safely each and every day,” said Kim Penner, company president. “Going an entire year with no injuries that require time away from work is a big accomplishment; but going an entire year with no small injuries that require something more than general first aid is a huge milestone.

“I salute our 200-plus employees who work in six states on this significant achievement.”

Koch Pipeline employees have worked 9.5 years and more than 6.7 million hours without an injury resulting in time away from work. The employees have worked more than 18 consecutive months with no recordable incidents as defined by the U.S. Occupational Safety & Health Administration.

“Being safe pays off in many ways,” said Bob O’Hair, vice president of operations. “We recognize that the same attention to safe working habits applies to our ability to work in an environmentally responsible manner as well. In fact, in 2010 the volume of substances that met reportable release amounts declined and we are fully committed to continuous improvement.”

Koch Pipeline’s overall OSHA recordable rate is 0.00, compared to the latest industry average of 1.9. When it comes to working without an injury resulting in time away from work, the company’s rate is also 0.00, compared to the industry’s average of 0.50.

The company was named one of the Safest Companies in America by EHS Today magazine in 2008. It is a recipient of the Occupational Safety Award, American Petroleum Institute’s top industry safety award in 2007. In addition, employees in Texas have achieved Voluntary Protection Programs Star status – becoming only the fourth pipeline operating group in the United States to earn that prestigious designation.

Koch Pipeline Company is an indirect, wholly owned subsidiary of Koch Industries, Inc. It operates about 4,000 miles of pipelines that transport crude oil, refined products, natural gas liquids and chemicals.