Koch Industries Honored by National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

Koch Industries Honored by National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

May 25, 2011

Koch Industries, Inc. has received the 2011 Defender of Justice Leadership Award from the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. The award was presented during NACDL’s May meetings in Washington, D.C., at which Mark V. Holden, senior vice president and general counsel, and Koch Industries were recognized for their unconditional commitment and support of individual liberty and rule of law.

NACDL President Jim Lavine said, “The pursuit of a fair and rational criminal justice system depends upon the commitment and support of institutions and individuals from every aspect of American society. We are grateful to all who support the right to counsel and the criminal defense function in so many ways. The support from Koch has enabled NACDL to expand critical reforms across the entire spectrum of criminal justice challenges in the country, enhancing the association’s ability to pursue its mission of support for due process and justice for all.”

NACDL’s Foundation for Criminal Justice also conveyed Guardian of Liberty awards to the Federal Defender for the District of Columbia and the Public Defender Service of the District of Columbia. More than 30 law firms and individuals who authored NACDL amicus curiae briefs in the past two terms were also recognized.

“The intrusion of government and the over-criminalization of everyday conduct has become a disturbing trend in American life and no one is doing more to act as a check on those abuses of power and ensure the protections guaranteed by the Bill of Rights than NACDL and its members,” said Holden. “The association’s leadership and unique ability to bridge the political and partisan divides allows it to create diverse partnerships with other organizations to address government abuses that impact everyone, regardless of socioeconomic status or political beliefs. When our most precious rights are at stake, life and liberty, NACDL is the last line of defense and we take deep pride in standing up for these principles with them.”

News ReleaseFor more than 50 years, NACDL has been one of the nation’s staunchest advocates for individual liberty, rule of law, and serves as an essential guardian against excessive and unnecessary government interference in the everyday lives of Americans.