INVISTA Sets Goal to Reduce its Energy Intensity 20 Percent by 2020

July 14, 2011

INVISTA, maker of LYCRA® fiber and STAINMASTER® and ANTRON® carpet fibers, has established a global goal to reduce its energy intensity 20 percent by 2020. The goal is part of the company’s commitment to use energy efficiently as it provides value-added products and services for its customers and society.

To achieve this “20 by 2020” goal, the company will seek to further optimize its current energy practices in addition to making capital investments at its manufacturing facilities that reduce the amount of energy used per ton of product.

“At INVISTA, we’re dedicated to being good stewards of natural resources as we make products people value,” said David Dotson, INVISTA’s senior vice president of global operations. “Efficient energy use is part of that commitment. To achieve this goal, our teams will devise and implement innovative strategies and capital projects that help us continue to reduce our energy footprint.”

INVISTA plans to become more energy efficient by effectively implementing its operations excellence framework to capture improvements in reliability, production, quality, and yield, and advance capital projects that reduce waste and improve energy conversion.

Michel Lebrun, INVISTA’s vice president of operations excellence, described how the company has already made strides in this respect around its global network of manufacturing facilities.

Lebrun relayed that INVISTA’s Gersthofen, Germany, site has reduced its energy intensity by 11 percent since 2007 through raising the overall energy awareness at all levels of the organization and implementing various technical and operational waste-elimination initiatives.

Additionally, INVISTA’s Performance Surfaces & Materials business has reduced the total fuel energy intensity at its North American facilities by 13 percent compared to 2007 levels. This achievement resulted from a sharpened focus on waste elimination and system upgrades in site-generated utilities such as steam.

“This is an important effort for us, and we will achieve this goal by building on the progress we’ve made so far in energy efficiency,” said Lebrun.

This new energy goal is one way INVISTA is implementing its sustainability vision, in which the company has committed to creating long-term value for society by using resources more efficiently; protecting the environment and the safety and health of employees and others; consistently applying good science; and employing INVISTA’s Market-Based Management™ business philosophy. This vision will be achieved through focused initiatives in manufacturing excellence, product sustainability and corporate citizenship. For more information, please visit