INVISTA Receives Grand Slam Award for Commitment to Safe Rail Transportation

Association of American Railroads

May 24, 2011

INVISTA was one of three companies commended by the Association of American Railroads as a recipient of this year’s Grand Slam award for receiving four Class I railroad awards in 2010.

The Grand Slam award, presented on behalf of the association’s Hazardous Materials Committee and its Non-Accident Release Reduction Task Force, recognizes companies who have achieved the highest level of safety for the rail transportation of hazardous materials.

“INVISTA is deeply committed to safe practices in all that we do,” said Walter Tyler, INVISTA’s global environmental, health and safety director. “I would like to thank the employees at our sites in Wilmington, N.C.; Maitland, Ontario; and Victoria, LaPorte and Orange, Texas, for their safe and responsible transportation of our products.”

INVISTA had zero non-accident releases from rail shipments during the 2010 calendar year. This exceptional level of safety performance gained the attention of Canadian National Railroad, Norfolk Southern Corporation, Union Pacific and CSX Transportation—who all awarded INVISTA with these transportation safety awards for 2010:

The Canadian National Railroad recognized INVISTA for handling dangerous goods carefully and judiciously and for respecting high safety standards.

Norfolk Southern Corporation recognized INVISTA for shipping more than 1,000 carloads of hazardous material over the railroad’s 22-state network without incident for the year.

Union Pacific recognized INVISTA for implementing successful prevention and corrective plans and achieving a rate of zero non-accident releases for shipments of regulated hazardous materials.

CSX Transportation recognized INVISTA for shipping 600 or more railcars safely with no releases attributed to loading or unloading processes.

“It is an honor to be selected for these rail-safety awards,” said Rob Brown, INVISTA’s managing director of global logistics. “The Grand Slam award affirms our commitment to safety and dedication to continuing these best practices in the future.”
The Non-Accident Release Reduction Task Force Chairman will officially recognize INVISTA for its accomplishment during the opening session of the 24th Annual AAR/BOE Hazmat Seminar at the Marriott Union Station in St. Louis today.