Flint Hills Resources Commits Additional Support for Aquarium’s Environmental Education Programs

Flint Hills Resources Commits Additional Support for Aquarium’s Environmental Education Programs

November 17, 2011

Flint Hills Resources today announced a $75,000 contribution to support new software for the Texas State Aquarium’s Aquavision program that will save schools money and broaden the innovative environmental learning programs to include more students.

“The Texas State Aquarium continues to deliver sound-science environmental education programs,”said Phil Gaarder, Flint Hills Resources Vice President and Refining Manager. “Flint Hills Resources is pleased to continue supporting the Aquarium’s programs and broaden their reach. The way children learn is ever-evolving and using technology for distance learning helps save money for school districts.”

Aquavision videoconference sessions include student participation during Powerpoint presentations, discovery through hands-on activities, and “virtual” tours of the Aquarium’s exhibits. Since inception in 2003, Aquavision programs have reached more than 36,000 students.

The Flint Hills Resources donation will allow a switch to web-based software that enables classrooms to connect to Aquavision programs without a networked video conferencing unit.

“Flint Hills Resources continues to be a leading partner for bringing environmental education directly to the classroom. Through their support, the Texas State Aquarium can reach students who may be unfamiliar with the rich ecosystem and sea life of the Gulf of Mexico. This innovative teaching platform allows us to make the Gulf of Mexico accessible to all,” says Aquarium President & CEO Tom Schmid.

Flint Hills Resources first began its support of the Aquavision program in 2002, to support the continuation and expansion of this environmental learning experience. To date, the company has contributed $535,000 to the Aquarium.

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