Koch Knight Celebrates 100 Years of Manufacturing

July 6, 2010

Koch Knight, LLC, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of
ceramic mass transfer and acid proof equipment, is marking its 100th anniversary this

“Today, our corrosion-proof products, many with their roots in 1910, are used throughout
the chemical industry,” said Michael R. Graeff, president of Koch Knight. “We are
excited about reaching this milestone and are dedicated to continuing to grow our
business and developing new customer relationships. Koch Knight has sold products in
40-plus countries and has booked our largest order in history in 2010.”

In the early 1900s, the Maurice A. Knight Company began producing KNIGHT-WARE®
Ceramic in Akron, Ohio.

“Until Mr. Knight bought a local pottery and began producing ceramics, the only place
the American chemical industry could find chemical ceramics that would meet their
needs was in Europe,” Graeff said. “The Knight-Ware product was made with vitreous
ceramic, which did not depend upon a glaze for acid resistance, and had the strength to be
formed into large pieces.”

Assets of the Maurice A. Knight Company were acquired by subsidiaries of Koch
Industries, Inc. in 1981.

“Koch Knight has been an important part of the North East Ohio business community for
the past 100 years,” said Dennis P. Saunier, Canton Regional Chamber of Commerce
president and CEO. “The Canton Regional Chamber of Commerce is proud that
the company calls Canton, Ohio, home and congratulates the entire workforce on their
success. The company’s longevity is a testament to the outstanding workforce, the quality
of its products and superb customer service. ”

Koch Knight markets ceramic products as well as industry-leading components for
wastewater treatment plants and thermal oxidation systems, including selling into the
hydrometallurgical business. Customers include those in the mining, chemical processing
and environmental industries.

Our customers include those who are working to improve their own environmental
performance,” Graeff said. “Koch Knight products allow plants to burn volatile organic
chemicals at the end of their processes to reduce emissions.”

“Koch Knight has expanded its local operations over the past decade to include additional
manufacturing capacity and capability in East Canton,” Graeff said.

In addition to the 72-person local workforce, Koch Knight has sales offices in Australia
and Brazil. The company also has a fabrication shop in Baytown, Texas.

Employees and invited guests will celebrate the centennial of Knight-Ware this week.

Koch Knight is part of the Koch Chemical Technology Group, LLC, a diverse group of companies
serving the refining, chemical and petrochemical industries. Koch Knight offers one-stop
shopping for many customers because of the related product lines of its sister companies.
Diagnostic scans, combustion burners, modular mass transfer skids, state of the art packing
supports, and heat transfer products are just a few of the many products available from other
companies within Koch Chemical Technology Group, LLC.

Editor’s note: historical photos are available.