Statement in support of H.R. 759, the “Recidivism Risk Reduction Act”

February 11, 2016

Koch commends Chairman Goodlatte, Ranking Member Conyers, and the House Judiciary Committee for their leadership in passing H.R. 759, the “Recidivism Risk Reduction Act.” 

This bipartisan bill, based on legislation originally sponsored by Representatives Chaffetz, Gowdy, Richmond, and Jeffries, is designed to make our communities safer.  It uses risk assessment tools to reduce recidivism, lower the crime rate, and reduce the amount of money spent on the federal prison system.

Similar programs have found success on a state level in several states including Texas, Georgia, Oklahoma, Ohio, and North Carolina.

The bill is designed to provide individuals with skills and training to reduce significantly the likelihood that they reoffend and increases the probability that they can lead a productive life after incarceration.  This will benefit our communities, families, and law enforcement by increasing public safety.  With close to 98 percent of all inmates ultimately being released back into society, this is something that is in everyone's interest.

Koch is a proponent of second chances for ex-offenders.  We believe that this bill is an important part of helping people improve their lives after running afoul of the law. 

We thank the Judiciary Committee for their continued leadership and positive action on comprehensive criminal justice reform.  We hope that the Committee now moves the various criminal justice reform bills to the House floor for a vote as quickly as possible. 

- Mark Holden, Koch Industries