Koch Urges Lawmakers to Reject Tax Subsidies

April 4, 2019

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Philip Ellender, president of government and public affairs for Koch Industries, issued the following statement today as Congress considers legislation to lift the caps on tax credits for plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles:

There is no substitute for the power of innovation driven by consumer choice. That’s why we strongly encourage members of Congress to reject any legislation that would continue to subsidize plug-in hybrid and electric vehicles for the wealthy at the expense of everybody else on the road. This includes the misguided proposal to expand the $7,500 federal tax credit past the first 200,000 vehicles produced by each manufacturer. Some manufacturers have already sold that amount, and it is time for these incentives to expire.

As we wrote to lawmakers in October 2018 and stated the following month, we oppose neither EVs as a transportation option nor the energy source, but rather their subsidization by the government. Congress should not rig businesses by favoring one form of energy over others, regardless of its source, and even in cases where we would stand to benefit in the short term. Rather than double down on this tax subsidy for the wealthy, Congress should eliminate it and all other energy incentives.

We oppose all forms of government intervention, especially in such clear-cut instances where consumers have already spoken with their pocketbooks. Lawmakers should focus on advancing policies that help everybody improve their lives, not support the few on the backs of the majority.