Koch urges innovation, not intervention on policy decisions

March 26, 2019

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Philip Ellender, president of government and public affairs for Koch Industries, issued the following statement today as the Senate considers Green New Deal legislation:

“The radical Green New Deal proposal under consideration in the Senate amounts to a massive reordering of the economy that would fundamentally disrupt people’s ability to provide the basics of life for themselves and their families – food, shelter, clothing, transportation and communication – impoverishing the entire nation.

“Such legislation embodies the same failed, top-down approaches to governing that destroy opportunities and have led to pain and strife throughout history. One need only look to the streets of Venezuela, a country that went from the wealthiest in the region to one of the poorest, to see the consequences of excessive government interference in the marketplace. When these misguided policies fail, they disproportionately harm those who are already economically and socially disadvantaged.

“No amount of government planning can ever replace the power of innovation. That’s why Koch Industries has consistently opposed all mandates and subsidies, as they increase costs and limit choices – making people’s lives worse, not better. We encourage lawmakers to instead consider how they might remove barriers to enable people and institutions to innovate to address environmental and societal issues.”