Koch applauds Governor Colyer’s executive order to ban-the-box for state employment applications

May 2, 2018

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Koch Industries applauds Kansas Governor Jeff Colyer’s announcement today of an executive order to ban-the-box for state employment applications. As many as 70 million Americans are estimated to have some form of arrest or criminal record; too often these citizens face insurmountable barriers to putting their lives back together, and securing employment is one of the most critical steps.

Removing questions of criminal history from state employment applications will allow Kansans a fair chance at employment based on their skills and aptitude, not based on past mistakes.

Koch Industries has voluntarily removed questions of criminal history from applications, delaying a background check until a conditional offer of employment has been made; for private sector employers, voluntarily delaying background checks will allow them to tap into a talent pool of millions.

We commend Governor Colyer for his leadership in taking this step to expand access to opportunity for all Kansans, especially the least-advantaged.

-Mark Holden, Senior vice president and general counsel, Koch Industries