Koch Opposes Business Tax Extenders

November 11, 2016

On behalf of Koch Companies Public Sector, I am writing to urge you to oppose any legislation presented during this lame-duck session of Congress that includes special interest tax provisions. Congress has a timely opportunity to show it is listening to voters who are fed up with a system that benefits the politically connected by rejecting any business tax extenders package, regardless of the industry that stands to benefit. Earlier this year, Senate and House leadership appropriately rejected an attempt to tack a tax extenders package onto the Federal Aviation Administration reauthorization bill signed into law in July. It was the right move then, and I encourage congressional leaders to take a similar approach to ensure these provisions don’t advance. In a free and fair economy, the success or failure of any business should be determined by the value it creates through the products or services it offers. Our government can no longer pick winners and losers by subsidizing, mandating or incentivizing certain industries or products over others. These actions highlight a rigged system, decrease competition and distort markets, with the politically connected reaping the benefits. When these conditions exist, what consumers truly value is disrespected. That’s why we oppose all subsidies, whether existing or proposed, including programs that benefit us. When Congress extends and advocates for more tax subsidies and mandates, it obscures the path we should be pursuing – one toward a simpler and less burdensome tax code. Instead of renewing these provisions as in years past, Congress should allow them to expire and advance comprehensive business tax reform instead. The American people are fed up with Congress providing corporate welfare to their favorite special interests. Going forward, lawmakers must put a renewed focus on treating all constituencies equally – individuals and businesses alike. As Koch works to help people improve their own lives by providing them with products and services they truly value, our company’s government and public affairs efforts will continue to advocate for principles that bring the greatest well-being to society. In the weeks ahead, I encourage you to heed the message delivered by voters in the recent election by opposing any subsidies, tax breaks, credits, incentives and other exemptions that favor one industry over another.

Philip Ellender
President, Government & Public Affairs
Koch Companies Public Sector, LLC