Made of Tough.™

Made of Tough.™

October 19, 2015

In the minds of many, there are few things tougher than steel. Then again, not everyone has heard of Raptor™ nylon pipe from INVISTA. But thanks to a recent article in Popular Mechanics, that’s about to change.

Raptor™ nylon pipe – a new piping solution engineered from nylon 6,6 – is quickly making a name for itself in the oil and gas industry, from flow lines to water lines and oil and gas gathering systems. In part because it’s lighter than steel, faster to install and durable enough to withstand the harsh oil patch conditions. But also because it’s tougher than traditional polyethylene piping that couldn’t take the same torture testing Raptor™ nylon pipe makes light work of.     

In the real world, where performance really matters, Raptor™ nylon pipe has survived harsh heats, heavy loads and extreme colds. And it has already proven itself across the rugged terrain in the Permian Basin of West Texas.

See how it stands up to Popular Mechanics’ assessment by reading the article now.