Koch Business Solutions Brings “Start-Up Mentality” to Reno

March 12, 2015

Koch Business Solutions, LP (KBS) has opened an office in Reno focused on providing information technology support to Koch Industries, Inc. and its affiliate companies located around the world. Kevin Spiares, director, technology services for KBS, will manage the office, which is expected to have 10 to 20 full-time employees.

“KBS chose Reno because we want to recruit IT professionals who can help us stay at the forefront of technology,” said Spiares. “We expect this office to be a technical hub, so we need employees who are focused on entrepreneurship and innovation.”

A new recruiting campaign focuses on both the start-up mentality and the relaxed office environment that KBS hopes Reno professionals will find appealing.

Spiares added that being a part of one of the largest private companies in the U.S. means employees will be working on multi-million dollar projects and have access to the support and resources necessary to do the job correctly. 

“We’re providing Koch companies with support in the areas of applications development, cybersecurity, global network architecture and various cloud, virtual and converged platforms,” said Spiares. “We need employees who will help us continue to solve problems and prepare for future needs. Reno has a proven reputation as a tech community on the cutting edge, and that’s why this is the perfect place for us.” 

The office could also serve as an innovation space to host discussions, knowledge shares and brainstorming sessions in support of the Northern Nevada IT community. 

To learn more about KBS opportunities in Reno, go to KochReno.com