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2021년 4월 호

팬데믹 속의 혁신

Koch 계열사들은 2020년에 수요 변화 속에서도 제품과 프로세스를 개선하는 데 노력을 아끼지 않았습니다.

2020년 평가

지난 5년 동안 Koch의 IT 인프라를 발전시키기 위한 노력을 기울인 덕분에 촉박한 시간에도 불구하고 직원들이 원격 근무로 전환할 수 있었습니다.

우한 근무

Molex는 COVID-19가 확산되기 시작하자 직원의 건강과 안전을 최우선으로 삼아 고객에게 원격으로 서비스를 제공하는 데 집중했습니다.

비대면 시설 방문

증강현실 도구는 Koch 계열사 직원들이 훈련하고 가상으로 시설을 방문하도록 도와줍니다.

차별화되는 성과를 위한 준비

Georgia-Pacific의 Building Products 그룹은 창의적인 파괴적 혁신을 단행하고 새로운 기술을 도입한 덕분에 급격한 수요 증가에 대응할 수 있었습니다.

화장지 문제

작년에 화장지 품귀 현상이 일어났을 때, Georgia-Pacific은 매장에서 화장지 재고를 유지할 새로운 방법을 찾았습니다.

이중으로 보기

원격으로 근무하는 직원이 늘어나면서 Flint Hills Resources는 3D 시설 스캔 및 모니터링 기술로 운영을 관리하고 있습니다.

누가 꼭 필요한 사람인가?

부서 전체의 혁신 덕분에 Koch 계열사의 여러 법무부가 더욱 효율적으로 협력할 수 있게 되었습니다.

정말 원격으로 가능한가요?

이미징 기업 DarkVision은 KES와 여러 Koch 부서의 도움을 받아 전 세계적인 팬데믹 위기 속에서도 첫 미국 지사를 열었습니다.

잠재력의 실현

Charles Koch가 자아실현을 하고 빠르게 변화하는 세상에서 성공하기 위한 5가지 팁을 알려줍니다.

EverLearn을 통한 검색

Koch의 새로운 전사적 검색 플랫폼으로 지식과 전문성을 발견할 수 있습니다.

2021년 1월 호

Koch as a Republic of Science

Koch Labs is an application of the Republic of Science that calls for the sharing of knowledge, which is essential for scientific and social innovation and progress. It is why we strive to continually build knowledge networks of all kinds within the company and throughout the world. I urge you to...

An Experimental Playground

Koch Disruptive Technologies has been able to provide something most funding sources cannot: an effective laboratory for validating complicated concepts.

Metal 3D Printing

“Additive manufacturing — what the world calls 3D printing — still seems new and exciting to most people,” said David Dotson, president of Koch Engineered Solutions. “But even something as new as this is not exempt from transformation. The team at Desktop Metal is ve...

The Last Mile

For sellers of all kinds, it’s the “last mile” — that portion of a delivery’s journey ending at your doorstep — that is the most expensive.

Words for the Wise

Four books in 14 years.  Here’s how to get yours.

2020년 10월 호

Believe in People: Bottom-Up Solutions for a Top-Down World

Charles Koch explains why he and Brian Hooks wrote this new book about bottom-up solutions for a top-down world.

Four Core Institutions of Society

Discover how bottom-up solutions are being implemented in communities, education, business and government.

2020년 4월 호

The New myHR

When government officials around the world began issuing bans and shutdown orders in response to the coronavirus pandemic, Koch was able to identify employees affected by those orders in record time, thanks to a new technology platform called myHR. “This new tool couldn’t have come at...

All In. All Together.

With all the challenges and disruptions affecting us these days, it would be easy to overlook a significant ­­— and positive — change that happened April 1: the introduction of Koch Global Services Group. KGS is the new name for the shared services teams that have been known b...

Transformative Times

Once again, I want to commend you for all that you are accomplishing during these uncertain and challenging times. The fact that we remain committed to providing the essential products and services that people value and rely on is exemplary. This important work is more vital than ever, and I than...

2019년 5월 호

The Evolution of Criminal Justice Reform

HOW IT ALL BEGAN I was fortunate. I learned this at a very early age growing up in Worcester, Massachusetts, in the 1970s and ‘80s during the advent of the War on Drugs. In hindsight, it had a lot to do with parents who encouraged me and held me accountable, who taught me the differenc...

Molex: Driving Change

When Charles Koch went away to college, one of the things he wanted most was a car. That was something his father, Fred Koch, insisted Charles didn’t need.Without telling Fred, Charles managed to scrape together enough cash to buy “a used Oldsmobile. I think I paid maybe $200 for it. ...

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