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Why you should care about free trade

July 26, 2018

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Free trade. Fair trade. Trade wars. Tariffs. It’s all over the news. But why should you care? In this video, Koch Industries' Megan Pratt explains the importance of voluntary, mutually beneficial exchange and breaks down how the economic consequences of protectionist trade policy can harm us all. 

Free trade benefits everyone, from the people providing the goods and services to the people who value them.  It’s a way of life that enables everyone to sell what they are best at making and to buy what they value most.
Throughout the history of the world, this kind of exchange has led not only to greater wealth but also greater toleration of others. It’s how people prosper, and how societies flourish and progress. It’s why we believe in win-win trades. Because more than anything else, we’ve seen these principles at work firsthand.

For further reading, see this op-ed that originally appeared in The Washington Post by Koch Industries Chairman and CEO Charles KochHe writes: “A society that embraces free and open exchange not only provides the greatest abundance, it enables the growth of knowledge and life-enhancing innovations that uplift everyone.”