Love is.

At Urban Preparatory Academy, our dollars and volunteer hours are but one small part of preparing little ones to do big things.

June 7, 2016

In the heart of Northeast Wichita, a small, independent private school is supercharging young hearts and minds to take on the world. In addition to the rigorous classroom curriculum and an emphasis on building character and self-esteem, there’s another not-so-secret ingredient at work that sets Urban Preparatory Academy apart. It’s called love. This tough but unconditional love is helping students from low-income and working class families get caught up and then excel in their preparation for higher learning and life itself. The people of Koch are honored and privileged to play a role in this remarkable success story.

Our commitment to Urban Preparatory Academy is just one of the countless ways we’re helping out. At Koch Industries Inc., our roughly 60,000 American employees – and more than 100,000 employees worldwide – are always looking for ways to serve and strengthen their communities. See more by visiting
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