Ever Wonder What Charles Koch Wants For His Birthday?

Hint: It starts with inspiring others to discover and use their own gifts

November 2, 2020

min read


To celebrate Charles Koch's 85th birthday, we asked him a few questions about his focus on Principled Entrepreneurship™ and building a society of mutual benefit.

What he didn’t realize is that we also asked some of the people closest to him the same questions. Their responses are inspiring as we try to follow Charles’ example and push ourselves to improve every day.

In this video, we hear from his family and a number of his colleagues at Koch Industries and Stand Together. They discuss his dedication to help others realize their potential.

Though it is a celebration of Charles on his 85th birthday, much of the discussion focuses on the future and his wish for a world of “peace, harmony, equal rights and mutual benefit where everyone had the opportunity to realize their potential.”