THE PICTURE: Koch Invests in Headquarters Community

June 6, 2022

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While Koch Industries has made investments in new innovations and technologies nationally and internationally, it's also investing in startups in Koch’s hometown of Wichita, Kansas. One such investment could change the future of communications across the construction industry.

It’s called PLOT and is co-founded by CEO and Wichita native Chris Callen, who has deep local construction roots in the community. PLOT is a job site communications app that connects teams beyond phone calls, text messages and emails to provide a streamlined experience for project communications, delivery management and coordination across the job site.

PLOT app

The app was born from Chris’ own pain points working on job sites and brought to market through a pre-seed investment partnership with Koch and High Alpha Innovation.

PLOT all founder, Chris Callen

“There are some major problems that require high-tech solutions, but at the bottom of the technological hierarchy of needs is communication,” Chris says. “That spans everything, including construction, and it is still being done poorly. So Koch, High Alpha and my team came together to build a new communication application that addressed these problems.”

Job site users scan a QR code to access a virtual project ecosystem. Within the system, users can pinpoint precise locations for materials delivery, and subcontractors can communicate with each other with built-in translation to their native language. The system also shows contractors who’s on-site at any given time and what they’re working on, from handling electrical work to pouring concrete.

PLOT app

Construction sites can have as many as 30 different companies on-site executing work, with dozens more making deliveries. PLOT provides a single source for job site communications that’s accessible by all parties.

In addition to PLOT, Koch has invested in ideas that help Wichitans thrive from scholarships and job skills to addiction recovery, to arts and educational progamming.

  • Empower Evergreen: Koch has supported the organization Empower in its mission to revitalize Wichita’s north end community.
  • The Phoenix: Stand Together, an organization founded by Charles Koch to support social entrepreneurs, has helped The Phoenix expand its gyms to 23 states – including a Wichita, Kansas, location.
  • Botanica: With support from Koch and the Koch Family Foundation, Botanica constructed its Koch Carousel Gardens featuring a historic Wichita carousel as its centerpiece.
  • Mark Arts: This modern facility – established with assistance from the Koch Family Foundation – provides programming and resources to support the arts in Wichita.
  • Second Chances: Koch attorneys volunteer for expungement drives that help Wichitans clear their records and provide create second chances.
  • Skills Training – Koch offers accelerated skills development programs in Wichita, which provide real-world training and apprenticeship opportunities for future software developers and accountants. 

Learn more about Koch’s investments in our headquarters community of Wichita, Kansas, in this episode of The Picture, a Koch Industries Spotlight Series.