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KOCH INVESTS: Immunai Aims to Improve Health by Decoding Human Immune System

October 27, 2021

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Koch Disruptive Technologies (KDT), the venture arm of Koch Investments Group, on Wednesday announced it is leading a $215 million Series B investment in Immunai, a biotech startup dedicated to solving one of the world’s greatest challenges: mapping the human immune system to improve health outcomes.

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THE DETAILS: Immunai is building the world’s most advanced insights into the human immune system to better understand how scientists and physicians can treat different diseases and conditions. The latest funding round, which brings the company’s total funding to $295 million, will be used to expand the company’s platform to validate and evaluate these treatments.

“Immunai is leaving no stone unturned in understanding and developing technology to map the immune system – critical scientific work that will give us greater knowledge to treat diseases and improve patient outcomes,” said KDT Managing Director Eli Groner. “We invested in Immunai because we recognize that understanding the immune system and its incredible complexity is key for the future of medicine.”

In addition to KDT, participating investors include Talos VC, 8VC, Alexandria Venture Investments, Piedmont Capital, ICON and other previous investors.

HOW IT WORKS: Immunai takes a collaborative multidisciplinary approach – bringing together a team of immunologists, computational biologists, computer and data scientists, machine learning experts and mathematicians.

“We have made great progress towards our core mission of understanding the immune system, which we believe is essential to finding the answers to human health and disease,” said Immunai co-founder and CEO Noam Solomon. “Unlocking the immune system will accelerate the evaluation and development of novel immune medicines. Our approach is to combine best-in-class single-cell genomic methods and artificial intelligence with a deep understanding of immunology.” 

BUILDING AN ATLAS: With these insights, Immunai has leveraged its technologies and more than 25 academic partnerships to build AMICA™, the Annotated Multiomic Immune Cell Atlas, the world’s largest data atlas of clinically annotated single-cell immune cell data.

“We’re starting to see the payoff from building our platform and the AMICA database. The ability of our platform to surface and evaluate new drug targets has given us the confidence to push into therapeutic development with our partners. We’re grateful for both the capital and expertise we’re receiving in the round, and will use both to develop our platform and help advance targets towards the clinic,” said co-founder and CTO Luis Voloch.

GO DEEPER: KDT’s investment in Immunai is the latest in a series of health care-related ventures, including these companies and their technologies:

  • SHINE Medical: a nuclear technology company working on industrial imaging and medical isotopes, nuclear waste recycling and the production of fusion energy.
  • Sense Biodetection: its Veros™ instrument-free platform delivers molecular diagnostic results in just minutes
  • Resilience: a manufacturing and tech company dedicated to broadening access to complex medicines and reinforcing biopharmaceutical supply chains
  • Valo Health: human-centric data and machine learning that’s transforming the drug discovery and development process
  • Sight Diagnostics: blood diagnostics technology using computer vision and AI to identify and detect diseases
  • INSIGHTEC: KDT’s first investment upon its founding in 2017; incisionless ultrasound therapy for essential tremor and Parkinson’s patients

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