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Stepping Up for Frontline Healthcare Providers

June 8, 2020

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When he is not designing software solutions for Koch company Infor, Keith Herron works part-time as an emergency medical physician assistant. So, as the COVID-19 pandemic hit the United States earlier this year, Herron saw it up close in both environments.

“That time of year, it wasn’t unusual to be caring for a lot of patients with flu-like symptoms, but we soon became aware of the fact something was going on that was very different from the flu itself,” Herron told The Well News.

At Infor, teams mounted an all-hands effort to develop a new software dashboard that would make personal protective equipment (PPE) supply data quickly accessible, as well as to integrate real-time contact tracing data for healthcare customers to monitor the spread of the virus within hospitals.

“Our leadership pulled together a team of subject matter experts to look at ways we could address the issues at hand and contribute to addressing the shortcomings we were hearing about from our clients and from the news,” Herron said. “Very quickly, two or three major routes emerged. One of them being supply chain management, another involving contact tracing.”

In meeting the various logistical challenges, the goal was to develop a viable solution that could provide an immediate benefit, Herron said.

“I mean, it was the health care companies, really the vendors … they really stepped up and it wasn’t really about competition anymore. I mean, we really were sharing information in order to … help with this issue,” he added. “So those were some of the positive things. And I think you will see partnerships and collaborations happening that likely wouldn’t have happened without this kind of event.”

For Melissa Amell, Infor’s healthcare strategy director for supply chain solutions, the pandemic exposed critical flaws in the global supply chain. Overnight, demand for PPE for items such as gloves, gowns, and surgical masks, spiked, prompting Infor to develop a brand-new dashboard for its CloudSuite product. Infor also leveraged its Location-Based Intelligence Platform to help healthcare providers track and trace the spread of the virus within hospital walls.

“When you think of the disasters we normally deal with, they are isolated events to a certain extent — hurricanes, a tornado, and other disasters in one geographical area… this was worldwide. Everything happened at once, and I think people will have this in mind as they plan their policies and procedures for the future,” she said.

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