Tatianna Wright

Lane College
Major: Business
2017 Cohort

Wright started her own blog, Melaninting, which she describes as “a place of solace, help, tips, and appreciation for African Americans and people of color.”

It is not just about the financial support; we’re learning. They want to engage our mindset, they want to talk about our core, how we feel, and actually teach us the traits that we need to survive in the world of business. I enjoy this. I enjoy marketing. I enjoy having the freedom to do whatever I please in my life. Being able to learn these traits on how to do better in my businesses. After getting feedback from fellow scholars, I decided to go back to the drawing board and make my blog better. The program has done a lot to help and teach me – like learning from other speakers and seeing that it’s just not me who’s having the struggle because they’ve had struggles, too.

I think I’ve always been driven and hardworking because of my parents. They're second-generation Americans. My dad is from Jamaica and my mom is from Haiti. So, we know hard work.  That is what he always instilled in me and that is what my mom has too. Nobody is going to give you anything. The world will never give you anything. A lot of people say, “Well, at least I have tried.” Well, you cannot say that to your boss, you cannot say that to the light bills and utilities, “at least I tried.” They are going to cut it off. So, they have instilled in me to just keep working hard because no one is going to give you anything. The world does not owe you anything.