Sage Williams

University of Missouri
Majors: Economics, Black Studies
2016 Cohort

Williams grew up in Wichita, Kansas, and participated in his high school’s Youth Entrepreneurs® program. Click here to learn more about YE.

The community is really, really special and specific to the Koch Scholars Program. You really won’t find it anywhere else because not only are you able to find people that look like you, but you’re able to find people that had the same mindset as you, the same grind as you. So, as you’re grinding every single day, 365 days out of the year, trying to make yourself the best person that you can be, you can text someone in the GroupMe or call or have a whole email conversation with someone that has that same passion and desire. And so, when things look bleak or things look grim, you have nearly 400 individuals to lean on and I think that’s really unprecedented. Not only will this be an important system through our academic years but into our professional years as well.

As we learn to broaden our perspectives, we’re learning to broaden our successes and be able to intrigue others with the diversity of thought we possess. And that diversity of thought is the true power that I see in our community and that we can bring – and thus, if we continue to judge a book by its cover, as [has] been illustrated by our American society as of late, we’ll see ourselves continuously become separated, continuously be divided and pitted against each other.