Kalante Logan

Bethune-Cookman University
Major: Business
2015 Cohort

Logan shared his advice for future UNCF/Koch Scholars.

Never let anybody tell you that you can’t do something”, because there’s a lot of opportunities out there in the world that are just waiting to be opened. Never give up and just stay focused, keep the motivation and just keep grinding.

At the summit, everyone had open arms and wanted to see what you could bring to the table. Doing the activities, hearing the keynote speakers and listening to what people have to say is truly a blessing.

As a mentor, I just want to give back to those that need help in anything that they have going on – at school or at home. To have somebody to talk on a day-to-day basis keeping your spirit up, keeping you going and uplifting you.

My biggest motivator, honestly, is probably just life … to have the opportunity to wake up each and every day and do something different. Every day I’m learning something different.