Jordan Williams

University of Pennsylvania
Major: Economics
2016 Cohort

As a high school sophomore, Williams co-founded Young Moguls, a clothing line to promote the principles of entrepreneurship to his peers.

You don’t have to wait until you’re older or until after you graduate. You can pursue your passion and pursue your dream at whatever age.

I would tell a younger Jordan to not be afraid to be vulnerable. The regret of not knowing what could have happened is always a lot greater than the fear in that initial moment that motivates me to not be afraid to take that risk or not be afraid to go up to that person and introduce myself because I think it pays off in the end.

The legacy I want to leave is that I was someone that provided more value to others than I took. Inherently that’s my role in business as an entrepreneur, to provide value to people. And I think that if I focus on providing value, that will pay off in the end more than focusing on trying just to make as much money as possible.

My personal definition of entrepreneurship is someone that has an idea, takes action on that idea and uses that idea to provide value and to provide a product to the service and their community. For that reason, entrepreneurs are some of the most important people in society because of the work that they do.