Javanna Plummer

Tuskegee University
Majors: English, Business
2014 Cohort

Plummer is a self-published author of two books and multiple works of poetry.

The UNCF/Koch Summit inspired me to want to pursue an entrepreneurial path. Before I came to the summit, I was unsure of when I wanted to publish the book. But coming to the summit and hearing about entrepreneurs who stepped out into society and how they took a risk inspired me to want to do something similar.

Being a student at an HBCU (historically black college or university) has exposed me to a lot of African-American writers and that's something very valuable to me as a writer and being able to study them and essentially learn their stories. I think it helps me as an African-American to understand where I’ve come from and those who have come before me. Finding all these African-American voices, it was powerful, and it was inspiring.

There is a voice no matter what you do or what you chose to do, and you don’t have to be defined by one or the other. You can be complex, you don’t have to be stuck in an absolute position or you don’t have to be what society tells you is beautiful. Coming to Tuskegee helped me love and appreciate my natural hair and that inspired me to write my book. Your hair can be beautiful by your own standards. I want my mark to be that I’m remembered for doing something that even though it may not make me a lot of money, it is going to leave an impact.

I think the core of who I am is an artist.