Dwight James

Florida State University
Majors: Creative Writing, Theater
2015 Cohort

A poet and writer, James discovered that developing his entrepreneurial skills can take his work to the next level.

Taking risks to be great and taking risks to tell people the dreams that I have and even just being a writer in itself was the biggest and greatest decision I’ve ever made in my life. And I think showing them all the places that writing has taken me and continues to take me has been one of the greatest ways to mentor them. I’m traveling around the country doing poetry, writing and auditioning for different shows. You’re not limited by the school that you’re at but rather, you should see all the places that your school can take you.

The future is a collaboration. The future is in bringing groups of people together from their different backgrounds to solve issues that connect us. Making sure that we’re continually building bridges and building networks with each other.

Always checking in on each other and holding one another accountable is a key aspect in building a community of entrepreneurs that are opportunity obsessed, focused on that mutual benefit and just ensuring that they have the knowledge to accomplish whatever it is they set out to do.