Charmin Woods

Huston-Tillotson University
Majors: Accounting, Business Administration
2014 Cohort

The scholarship has inspired Woods to uplift disadvantaged communities. Her sister, Carmen, is also a UNCF/Koch Scholar.

I am originally from Mississippi, but I grew up in Houston, Texas. There’s a lot of poverty in Mississippi. In the future, I want to go back and help people that don’t necessarily have help or a guiding light. I want to start my own nonprofit that teaches financial literacy to help people in poverty. And I think the UNCF/Koch Scholars program was a great foundational tool in helping me get that started. The scholarship has been a guiding light and tool in my life and I want to be that tool in another person’s life.

This whole program, UNCF/Koch Scholars, is a family experience. The summit is more like a big family reunion than anything else because people come in from all over the world and you’re connecting with new people and reconnecting with people you’ve met before through the program. Even if I’ve never met you before, by us just having a conversation, it’s like we’ve been together our whole lives. And I really do enjoy those types of experiences because the person that sits to the right and to the left of me are potentially people I would do business with. And what better way to do business with people you know, you love, you’ve grown with throughout the years in the scholarship program, and just helping each other along.