Caelynn Houston

Clark Atlanta University
Major: Business Administration, Concentration in Management
2014 Cohort

Houston’s advice for potential UNCF/Koch Scholars is simple, but powerful: Do it.

If you’re thinking about applying for the UNCF/Koch Scholarship, you don’t need to think. You have to do it. And that is the first step of many that you’re going to take – taking a risk, taking action and finding an amazing reward. Being a four-year member of the UNCF/Koch Scholarship Program, not only have I received financial assistance to continue and further my education, I also received a life-changing experience. 

I’ve met incredibly amazing people and built relationships with lifelong friends, lifelong business partners, future investors, future board of directors for future universities right here, we’re in this together and I wouldn’t have had that experience if it wasn’t for the UNCF/Koch Scholars Program. So, if you’re thinking about applying, you’re doing the wrong thing because you’re taking time to think about it – you really have to do it. Take that time that you’re thinking, start answering those essay questions, write them down, get your letters of recommendation in so we can see you here, so you can become a principled entrepreneur and you can start making an impact in the world too.