Ashley Baker

Albany State University
Major: Computer Science, Emphasis in Business
2014 Cohort

Part of the original class, Baker credits the program with enabling her to pursue the career of her dreams.

The UNCF/Koch Scholars Program has grown tremendously. When I came here, there was only 44 of us. And then, this year there are almost 400 students here. It’s amazing to see that we have young entrepreneurs here, young innovators here and not just myself, a lot of other people who have so many amazing abilities to make this world so much better.

Being a UNCF/Koch Scholar helped me to really think about more than just the basics. It helps you think of the challenges that you may face as you continue to break through different barriers in business. Especially learning about integrity, how to stay true to yourself, and also to know the best move to help make your idea or your product become more successful.

If I didn’t have this program, I would not have the ability to really push myself to become an IT specialist and learn how to take something and make it better, to take my idea and make it so much greater than what anybody could ever possibly imagine. When we started, we thought this was a regular scholarship, but it’s so much more than that.