Launching a Lithium Extraction Process with Li-PRO™

July 25, 2022

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Koch Separation Solutions (KSS), a Koch Engineered Solutions company, has acquired LIONEX technology from Chemionex Inc. It’s the first step in launching the new proprietary Li-PRO™ process for direct lithium extraction (DLE) — an important process as the market grows for lithium battery-powered devices. Businesses are looking for ways to optimize their battery material production process, not only for electric vehicles but also for a growing network of energy infrastructure and storage.  

Enter the Li-PRO process, an optimized DLE process configuration that brings together specialized lithium selective extraction media with KSS equipment including robust PURON® membrane-based pretreatment, Recoflo® packed bed lithium extraction, Recoflo softening, and high-recovery reverse osmosis concentration operations to generate a purified lithium chloride solution. 

“The innovative and patent-pending aspects of the Li-PRO solution will be synergistic with KSS' world-class capabilities in ion exchange and sorptive technologies, membrane filtration, and thermal separations. This combination will deliver superior lithium recovery and purity, minimized chemical consumption, water efficiency, and simplified system configurations, optimizing CAPEX and OPEX to lithium producers,” said KSS President Manny Singh. 

The acquisition is the latest development in Koch’s continued investments in energy transformation, including battery material production, and an example of the Koch Labs model. In this case, that means lithium producers using KSS’ Li-PRO process will have access to Koch’s network of engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) capabilities.  

KSS will offer the Li-PRO process as a complete process package or as standalone equipment for individual process steps, engaging with lithium producers to refine process design and implement operations. 

“The launch of the Li-PRO process, coupled with the broader EPC capabilities of our parent, Koch Engineered Solutions, will deliver complete end-to-end solutions for DLE customers,” Manny said.