A Source for Good: Recycling is Just the Start for a Paper Mill and Its Community

“This is the heartbeat of a 50-mile area,” Shawn Williams says from a corner of Georgia-Pacific’s Naheola mill on a January morning. “If you live in the community, this is where you want to work.”

'Practicing What They Preach': A Look Inside Koch’s Second-Chance Hiring Efforts

Monica Stopczynski was hiring for an open manufacturing position at Koch Industries when she found a young man whose job skills and enthusiastic attitude made him a perfect fit. She made him an offer and set up a routine background check. That’s when the rosy scenario dimmed.

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Cutting Edge: How an Inquiring Mind Found His Niche at Koch-Glitsch

Pedro Osornio is a natural-born tinkerer. As a young boy, he once dismantled a radio, poked through the cables and circuitry, then put it back together. A few years later, he and his brother built a natural gas-fired ...